2010 Activities

Patterns in sand dunes with Ocean in background

Sand dunes with ocean in background.

US National Activities

In the summer of 2010, the following individuals and institutions in the Ocean Literacy Network helped to develop a set of consensus comments in response to the National Research Council’s  Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards.

  • Individuals: Craig Strang, Rosanne Fortner, Lundie Spence, Lynn Whitley, Elizabeth Day-Miller, Meghan Marrero, Thomas Greene, Sarah Richards, Eric Simms, Kate Achilles, Mark Wiley, Diana Payne, Pam Stryker, Laura Murray, George Matsumoto, Steve Stewart, Robin Goettel, Carol Hopper-Brill, Kurt Holland, Annie Maben, Tami Lunsford, Chris Dodge, Cynthia Cudaback, Jean May-Brett, Mellie Lewis, Becky Cox, Mare Timmons, Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Carmelina Livingston, Dena Deck, Lauren Rader, Amy Ferland, Julie Ainsworth, Thaxter Tewksbury, Kirsten Tomlinson, Megan Barker, Vicki Clark, Bill Hastie
  • Institutions: COSEE California, OCEANIA, Monterey Bay Aquarium, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, Deep Earth Academy, Connecticut Sea Grant, New England Ocean Science Education Consortium, SouthEastern New England Marine Educators, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, New Hampshire Sea Grant, COSEE – Central Gulf of Mexico, Virginia Sea Grant, Interagency Working Group on Ocean Education (NSF, NOAA, USDA, NPS, EPA, NASA, ONR, Department of Defense, DOL, ORRAP), Project Oceanology, FMSEA