TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy

Next Meetings 2015

TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy Workshop in Lisbon Portugal, 5 June 2015

Online TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy Meeting planned for Spring/Summer 2015 Open

Global Ocean Science Education Workshop – Global and Atlantic Ocean
USA Meeting at University of Rhode Island
Narragansett Campus, Rhode Island USA
Friday 26 & Saturday 27 June 2015
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Sponsored by URI, the Consortium for Ocean Science Exploration and Engagement, and the College of Exploration.

The workshop is intended to forge an international ocean science education community focused on the education pipeline – elementary through graduate school – with the full engagement of the ocean science research community. The workshop agenda is in development. The plan is to have a mix of scientific presentations, dialogs focused on the potential for international collaborations, the identification of goals and priorities, and the production of a document that outlines steps forward for the international community. This should dovetail with the work done by the ocean science community last year in Galway.

European Meeting (invitation only)
Copenhagen, Denmark
24 & 25th September 2015

Meeting Rationale & Objectives:
Rationale: Beyond providing basic understanding of our planet, Ocean Research is of essential service to today’s Societal Challenges from Food Security and Sustainable Resource Management, to Renewable Energies, Climate Mitigation & and Conservation.

Ocean Literacy communities in the USA & Japan [3] are leading the way in training researchers to provide socio-economic context of fundamental ocean research, engage society and deliver to marine policy.

The purpose of the workshop is bring together Ocean Literacy experts from USA, Japan and Europe, and:

a) demonstrate the full potential for Ocean Literacy to serve high level political objectives on societal impact of research, public acceptance of new policies on ocean conservation and responsible resource management & ecosystem services;
b) integrate Ocean Literacy in the mainstream marine research funding cycle;
c) draft a roadmap for making Ocean Literacy an essential service to ocean researcher in terms of knowledge transfer, societal engagement, impact and context.

Sponsor of Copenhagen Meeting:
Uddannelses og Forskningsministeriet, Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation
(Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science)

TOL2015 Sponsors FI DK


Link to TOL Vision Statement:
Link to TOL Implementation Plan (version 2014)
Link to TOL2014 Workshop Report
Link to TOL2013 report coming soon

    History of TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy activities

2014 September TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy meeting in Gothenburg Sweden. Meeting Report
2014 July Global Ocean Literacy Day Workshop in Annapolis Maryland
2014 June EU and USA collaborate on Ocean Sampling Day
2014 May EU Maritime Day in Bremen Germany
2014 March Online course and workshop on TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy
2014 February EU-Canada-USA ocean educators sign transatlantic ocean literacy agreement
2013 September TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy meeting PLymouth UK
2013 Galway TransAtlantic Ocean Research agreement signed
2012 Dublin European Open Science Forum presentation on TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy