NMEA Special Report on Ocean Literacy

This NMEA Special Report on the Ocean Literacy Campaign featuring the Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence highlights the work of dozens of agencies and hundreds of individuals to bring ocean sciences into the mainstream of both formal and informal education. As a community, we have accomplished a great deal since the initial distribution of what has fondly come to be known as “The Ocean Literacy Brochure” at the 2005 NMEA Annual Conference in Maui. Number one among those accomplishments is the publication in this Report of the Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence for Grades K-12 in the form of 28 conceptual flow diagrams. The report also includes several articles and resources that provide context and theoretical foundations of the Scope and Sequence.

Funding for this Special Report was generously provided by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and NOAA Office of Education. Their support is deeply appreciated.

— Craig Strang and Lynn Uyen Tran, Special Report Editors
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Scope & Sequence and supplementary materials