The foundational work of the Network is the development of two consensus documents, Ocean Literacy: The Essential Principles of Ocean Sciences K-12 and the complementary Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence for Grades K-12. These documents provide guidance for building coherent and conceptually sound learning experiences to those committed to supporting ocean sciences education. Learn more about the early efforts of the Network.

  • Development of the Framework. Learn how the Ocean Literacy Framework was made. This story demonstrates how a diverse community of agencies, institutions, and committed individuals put agendas and self-interest aside to do groundbreaking work together to define and promote ocean literacy.
  • Impacts of the Ocean Literacy Principles. Learn how the Ocean Literacy Principles have been inspiring and useful within ocean sciences and beyond. It is a tribute to the creative work and impact of marine educators around the world, who are making tools for teachers, scientists, and informal educators.
  • Partnerships in the Ocean Literacy Network. Learn how the ocean sciences education community came together to do meaningful and how the relationships between ocean scientists and educators have evolved to create a new community of practice.
  • NMEA Special Report on Ocean Literacy. Check out and download the entire March 2010 Special Report on the Ocean Literacy Campaign, featuring the Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence.
Cape Rocks ocean arch

Cape Rocks ocean arch