2/19/2012 Open Letter #2 to State NGSS Teams

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Achieve, Inc. is developing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) based on “A Framework for K-12 Science Education,” a guiding document developed by the National Research Council. Twenty-six “Lead States” are assisting Achieve by reviewing drafts and providing confidential feedback. The following is an open letter from the Ocean Literacy Campaign, a “NGSS Critical Stakeholder,” to reviewers on the lead state teams. Please forward to your colleagues who might be on a state team or might know someone who is.
Dear NGSS State Team Member,

We know you are coming to the end of your opportunity to review and comment on the first draft of the NGSS. We hope that the attached document (see link)
http://oceanliteracy.wp2.coexploration.org/?page_id=3663will provide you with additional and more specific assistance in your effort to ensure that the ocean sciences content in the Framework for K-12 Science Education is not lost or diminished as it is translated into Standards. We have gone through the Framework and called out places where ocean sciences currently exists, and some places where the accuracy of some concepts can be improved by the addition of a few words.

Please let us know your feedback about the usability of the attached document.

Craig Strang, Lawrence Hall of Science, COSEE CA, NMEA President-Elect
Arthur Eisenkraft, University of Massachusetts, Boston, COSEE OCEAN
Carmelina Livingston, National Science Foundation, COSEE SE, NMEA Board
Diana Payne, Connecticut Sea Grant, COSEE TECH, NMEA President
Cheryl Peach, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, COSEE California
Sarah Schoedinger, NOAA Office of Education, COSEE Council Ex-officio, NMEA Past-President
Lynn Tran, Lawrence Hall of Science, COSEE California
Peter Tuddenham, College of Exploration, COSEE CA and COSEE West
Lynn Whitley, USC Sea Grant, COSEE West, NMEA Past-President
On behalf of COSEE and NMEA for the Ocean Literacy Campaign

Craig Strang
Associate Director
Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5200

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